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Trudeau’s sleight of knee

The weekend of June 6-7 saw protests in communities across Canada, denouncing systemic racism and police brutality. There were huge turnouts in large centres, but some of the most impressive rallies were in smaller cities. Regina, with a [...]

No, we’re not all in this together

“Do you think that the Russians want war?” So asked Dick Gaughan in his anti-war song, “Think Again.” Cutting through the ideological barrage of the Cold War and the frenzied imperialist drive to militarism, he snarled, “Do you think it’s possible, [...]

CLC leadership needs to step up

Last month, 29 trade union organizations across Europe issued a joint declaration about the coronavirus crisis. They saluted the heroic contributions being made by workers in hospitals, research, sanitation and public health, who are risking their [...]

Class Dangers in Public Emergencies

On March 23, Justin Trudeau held a meeting with all premiers to discuss whether or not to implement the federal Emergencies Act. As this issue of People’s Voice goes to press, he is stating that he will hold off for the time being. Without [...]

2020 Fund Drive is underway!

Dear friends, We aren’t even a quarter of the way through it, but already 2020 is looking like a year of incredible struggle. Around the world, we see people in India are mobilizing by the millions to oppose a fascist BJP government, defying [...]

Wither the fight against USMCA?

As this issue goes to press, legislation enabling the implementation of the US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement is progressing smoothly through Parliament. Too smoothly. Bill C-4 has already passed its second reading and has been sent to committee for [...]

“Net Zero” isn’t zero enough

Imagine a really radical government policy to reduce homelessness to zero. It involves building lots of housing – at least one unit for every homeless person. The catch, though, is that homeless people aren’t allowed to move into the units. Instead, [...]