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“Net Zero” isn’t zero enough

Imagine a really radical government policy to reduce homelessness to zero. It involves building lots of housing – at least one unit for every homeless person. The catch, though, is that homeless people aren’t allowed to move into the units. Instead, [...]

Clear need for intervention

Throughout this election campaign, this newspaper has tried to provide deeper insight into some of the key issues and project some of the radical solutions that are needed to confront them from a working class perspective. While there are no easy [...]

Don’t waste your vote!

One constant refrain during any election is that we shouldn’t vote for smaller parties or campaigns because it is a “wasted vote.” The reasoning is that a candidate who doesn’t stand to be elected doesn’t warrant support. Better to make sure you [...]

Make peace an election issue

September 21 is International Day of Peace. A week later, September 27, is the International Day for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Notably, these two days fall during the federal election campaign. Notably, in a sad way, because out of the [...]

407 – The Highway to Hell

In 1999, the Mike Harris Conservatives sold Highway 407 for $3.1 billion, in what was then the biggest privatization ever in North America. Among the private consortium was SNC-Lavalin, who purchased a 16.7% share for around $520 million. Last [...]