Articles by PV Staff

The perils of the capitalist petro-state

Lessons from the Soviet experience: Commentary by Serguei Skvortsov On April 9, a new deal on crude oil extraction was negotiated in the framework of ОPЕC+ [agreements involving OPEC’s members plus ten non-member countries – Editor]. As we have [...]

Build the resistance, break the chain

The massive uprising in response to the racist police murder of George Floyd has sparked huge protests across Canada. To look at what this means for building the movement against racism and police brutality, People’s Voice editor Dave McKee spoke [...]

The “New Marshall Plan”

Capitalism’s new, yet very old, "Great Idea" for Europe By Dimitris Koutsoumbas The outbreak of the pandemic, its rapid spread and its profound consequences for human life have brought to the surface great problems which, of course, [...]

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