“The pennies tossed distractedly into the hands of the newsboy are projectiles granted to a bourgeois newspaper, which will hurl it, at the opportune moment, against the working masses.” – Antonio Gramsci


Every issue of PEOPLE’S VOICE gives you the latest on the fightback from coast to coast. Whether it’s the electoral struggle, resistance to social cuts, solidarity with Cuba or workers’ struggles around the world, we’ve got the news the corporate media won’t print.

And we do more than that – we report and analyze events from a revolutionary perspective, helping to build the movements for justice and equality, and eventually for a socialist Canada. Read the paper that fights for working people — on every page — in every issue!


“Editors and reporters [of the bourgeois press] are not as free and independent to invite a variety of opinions as they might think. They are free to say what they like only as long as their bosses like what they say. They are free to produce what they want if their product remains within acceptable political boundaries. You will have no sensation of a leash around your neck if you sit by the peg. It is only when your stray that you feel the restraining tug.” – Michael Parenti


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