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“Senator Yussuff”

It has quite a ring to it – or maybe it’s sting we’re feeling. Heading into the Canadian Labour Congress convention in June, it was a pretty open secret that Yussuff was angling for an appointment to the Red Chamber. He had, after all, been the [...]

No, we’re not all in this together

“Do you think that the Russians want war?” So asked Dick Gaughan in his anti-war song, “Think Again.” Cutting through the ideological barrage of the Cold War and the frenzied imperialist drive to militarism, he snarled, “Do you think it’s possible, [...]

CLC leadership needs to step up

Last month, 29 trade union organizations across Europe issued a joint declaration about the coronavirus crisis. They saluted the heroic contributions being made by workers in hospitals, research, sanitation and public health, who are risking their [...]