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“Drag is art. And art is work”

The Labourinth provides a relatable and eloquent metaphor for class solidarity  By Ky Rees  Part of the HOLD FAST contemporary art festival in St. John’s, the one-night exhibition of The Labourinth by drag troupe The Phlegm Fatales had me [...]

Uneven development and the coronavirus crisis

By Stéphane Doucet The coronavirus crisis is certainly bringing to light the key differences in health care infrastructure across the world – not only between the for-profit capitalist systems and the more needs-based socialist systems – but also [...]

“Net Zero” isn’t zero enough

Imagine a really radical government policy to reduce homelessness to zero. It involves building lots of housing – at least one unit for every homeless person. The catch, though, is that homeless people aren’t allowed to move into the units. Instead, [...]